Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A little kanga-Roo

i wrote this at about week four of little roo being with us... and i'm glad i did. reading over it makes me smile.

roo joe coulson was born at 4.55 on the morning of the 31st of may 2012. he was eight pounds ten ounces of baby goodness.

i don't want to forget the last few weeks. they have been special - i have had the highest highs and some of the lowest lows. i really feel as though the times in your life that you are pushed to the extremes are the times when you are closest to god.

these are some things i don't want to forget about this tiny roo. things i know will change far too soon.

his big feet not fitting in any of his clothes
his beautiful raspberry pursed lips while sleeping
his strong neck as he searched his dads face minutes after birth
his big chubby cheeks that i can't seem to ever get enough kisses on
the floppy, sleepy, milk-drunk roo
the beautiful "oo's" and "ah's" he makes when all is right in his world
long fingers and arms stretching when he is freed from his tight cocoon wrap
those first sleepy smiles and then the first big cheesy ones at daddy
the 6am chatter. his happiest time of day
putting on weight instead of losing it out of hospital!
the frantic head-shaking search for milk
three hour long naps together in the afternoon
cuddling as his eyes grow heavy and sleepy

our little roo is beautiful. the first couple of weeks of his life are a bit of a haze to me already. we spent a lot of time up at my parents place in sydney. i am the only one of six siblings who doesn't live within 15 minutes of everyone else. timmy and i really felt the isolation from family in the first few days post birth so we travelled to be near them. roo spent most of this time feeding and sleeping. being cuddled by aunties, uncles and cousins. my little beautiful roo. so very loved already.

i have written most of the birth story and the rest will come. when it does, i'll share it with you.


  1. Why a beautiful post! Those first few weeks with a newborn are so precious. Thanks for sharing

  2. Love this Keshy, and LOVE your new hair colour! xxx

  3. The best of times & the worst of times...absolutely the most precious time. It's lovely to read your thoughts & to remember when mine were new. He's absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Lovely memories of Roo's first few weeks. Xx

  5. Reading this brings back lots of memories - the good and the bad. Motherhood is so much like a roller-coaster but I'm glad to be on the ride.

    Enjoy little Roo, he is utterly diving xx

  6. it's so sweet that you travelled up to be closer to your family. so happy to read your blog again xx

  7. Just beautiful kesh. Congratulations (again) - he is perfection! x

  8. He's such a lovely little man! Those first weeks with a newborn are so intense, aren't they? I had a lot of laughter and a lot of tears... Such a crazy mix of hormones and sleep deprivation. It is a really special time though, it's nice that you wrote down all these little things to remember.

  9. Oh Kesh, he's so lovely! I really love that last photo, the look in his eyes. I have now had three precious, beautiful babies, but without a doubt the hardest time was when our first was born. I don't think anything can prepare you for the experience of becoming a mother. xx

  10. He is so, so beautiful and your words bring back so many wonderful memories for me - so thank you!
    My father was in the merchant navy so my mum was in Indonesia when she had her first baby and her mother died when she was pregnant with her second baby. She found this so difficult and vowed that she would, where possible, be with us after the births of our children. She had six kids and had to travel all over but she did it. I think it is so important to be surrounded by family, or if not family a good support network, in these early days - that makes it so much easier.
    Keep enjoying it - there will be difficult times, but there will be far more good times.
    Once again, the photos are gorgeous

  11. Congratulations he is a perfect and lucky little boy.

    Katerina FF

  12. What a divine little creature he is. Such an amazing time, those first few weeks. Some of the best ever, and some of the hardest; all of it making your little family of three stronger and closer and more in love with eachother than you ever thought possible. That's how we felt, and how we feel more everyday since.

    So excited to follow all the adventures you guys get up to. And SOOOO pleased to see you blogging again Kesh. Missed you xx

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