Sunday, March 20, 2011

a berry good time... things to do on the south coast

i can't of course, give a list of all the wonderful things to do on the south coast of new south wales australia. but boy, am i gonna bore your brains out with all the places to eat.
i can also give you a little idea of some of the awesome things timmy and i (and a few of our buddy's) have gotten up to in the weeks since living here (and the years and years of visiting).

today's town in the spotlight is berry. as if a town with a name as sweet as berry (yep.) could be anything but little and cute and delicious and seasonal. we went to berry yesterday with our good friends ben and charlotte. first stop. sourdough bakery.

meet eggs benedict. the sourdough bakery is an small old factory converted into a food heaven for bread lovers like me. the pastries are ridiculously good, the sourdough will make you want to spew on the first loaf of winderwhite you see for calling itself 'bread' and the breakfast makes me smile like this for a very, very long time.

berry town goes off on the weekend. almost to the point that you don't want to go but we were lucky enough to have some crazy rain to shoo the bus loads of tourists away (maybe it was the nazi biker gang that rode through the town that drove everyone away? this is not a frequent happening. it scared the pants off me.) so the town was at a very passable level of people pollution and we were able to visit the famous berry donut van in peace and rain. (that is two doughnut dates this week, yeah baby). they do hotdogs and milkshakes and pies, the doughnuts were fantastic made to order and hot and delicious.

this is not a doughnut. this is a hot chocolate. a very wonderful hot chocolate.

a visit to the cuckoo clock shop is a necessity. this place might be my favourite place ever.

there is also a pub covered in hubcaps.

and a slightly overpriced (and by overpriced i mean not $3 a shirt) vintage clothing store, in a beautiful old australian farmer cottage, that did have some absolute gems. i will visit there again when i am feeling generous to myself. in berry there is an old posthouse that has been turned into a great little food spot called.... the posthouse. timmy had the best meal of his life there, just ask him (pork belly, pork belly, pork belly). 

sometimes i like to chat to locals about what they do. this guy makes sauces and preserves out of local produce, yum.

this guy sells opals. 

we dream of one day eating here. and we will. i promise.

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