Saturday, January 14, 2012

mysterious girl

so there are six kids in my family.

i have a very varied taste in music. this is mostly due to having four older siblings growing up in the 90's. their tastes spanned r&b, grunge, pop and mgm musicals.

youtube stole my morning today as i watched countless peter andre clips and laughed myself to tears (i can't blame my love of peter andre on anyone but myself)

this is one of my favourite 90's r&b tracks.

i have also spent a lot of time drooling over this damn blog lately.


  1. I ... have this album. And Brandy. And Toni Braxton.

  2. Peter Andre? Nooooooo. I must say, he came out looking remarkably good following the demise of the whole Jordan thingimajig. Grew up a little? x

  3. My sister was obsessed with Peter Andre & as we shared a room I had to stare at posters of him every day. Peter Andre overdose. Love listening to some old skool music from back in the day...classic! Xx