Thursday, March 1, 2012

27 weeks at kiama blowhole

last week was a week of birth, visitors, sickness, ocean swims and rainbows.

it has been a big one.

yesterday i had my glucose test. one sweet drink, two hours and three blood tests later. i am very grateful for a husband that went out to buy me some beautiful magazines to help pass the time sitting in the pathology clinic and who held my hand through all the stingy bits. he even popped his head up from his book every few minutes to excitedly quote facts about steve jobs life.

while i was having my test, my dad was having kidney stone surgery (his third in as many weeks). i was grateful to know that my mum was there to drive dad to and from the hospital, chat to him to distract him from the pain and give him plenty of sympathy. he is a real trouper. doing great and even continuing in his service in our church flying to papua new guinea tomorrow!

today we ventured to the hospital again for a midwife appointment. we heard our babies little heart beat - it has changed since we first heard it. it sounds just like yours or mine only a little faster. its head is down, hopefully it stays that way. i can feel its little body on the right side of my tummy most of the time. my belly jumps on the left where the limbs must be kicking and squirming away.

less than three months, little one.

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  1. Loving your outfit this week Kesh! And those lips!!

  2. Beautiful photos. Which lens?

  3. I always dread those glucose tests.
    Hearing their little heartbeat is just the most precious thing ever.
    Ronnie xo