Saturday, April 28, 2012

our instagram life part 2

some more old photos for you. watch the belly grow.

only just fitting into my jeans at i think 16 weeks...
our black house.
timmy is the ironing man.
kiama bends - our dream land.
timmy and the pooch.
cuddles with beautiful niece sage.

sunday best.
us. as interpreted by artist halle.
the mo.
the burn.
christmas story time at youth. (wombat divine)
the haul.
lap time.

my nephew oli shaving. he started early.
my sisters five. love them.

brekky by timmy.
one of my favourite places on this planet.

mexicano father-in-lawo.
early mornings.
the happy couple and beginnings of a bump.
i love to see the temple.

summer days.
summer pooch swims.
ready for church.
ready for church with a growing belly.
bee sting to the eye.
not so easily fitting into jeans anymore.
family council. cleaning roster, goals and a chalk board.
satisfying a chinese take-away craving.

gerroa - summer swimming spot.

photographer at work in townsville.
reunited with a night in the city.

baby holding practise with new born tanna.

puppy sitting.
sleeping girls.
kicking it 80's at a church youth dance.
church boys.
timmy teasing me with soft boiled eggs and soldiers.


  1. you've had such a joyful pregnancy Kesh. So lovely to know your baby has been growing in a beautiful belly of happiness (and donuts!) x

  2. Hardest thing to go without whilst pregnant...runny eggs! love 'em. These photos are wonderful, as Jodi said above, what a joyful time! x

  3. these are nice little snaps! i enjoyed every single one of them :)

  4. i love the picture of you labeled "reunited with a night in the city". it's so beautiful.

  5. your sister has 4 boys and 1 girl! ...i like her style ;)

  6. so so fun to look through! And I need that Donut van asap:o

  7. Best photos! And THAT BED. I am in LOVE. Would you recommend it? I'd love a simple but statement bed. I'd love to see more photos of the nursery as well. x

  8. Always nice to have a stop by your blog Kesh. I love that van in Berry too. Great pics telling your story of late.

  9. 31 from the bottom I love your top, I am assuming its american apparel i was wondering if you know what the style name is... you are absolutely gorgeous by the way. I dig your style :)

  10. LOVE your that the summer bay beach? from H&A?? long time die hard kiwi fan ;)