Monday, August 6, 2012

roo's blessing

sunday was a special day. 

in our church when a baby is born, the family gathers on a sunday at church to witness the baby's father and other men who are important in the family's life, give the baby a name and a blessing.

roo had a good morning. we dressed early for church in our best clothes and made the half hour journey south to our chapel. family and friends travelled from sydney and the central coast to be there to share this special day with us.

once we got to church, roo was not so happy but was quickly soothed with a feed and some cuddles. he was sleeping when i passed him to timmy, who took him in front of the congregation with the other men. they stood together in a circle, each with a hand supporting roo.

timmy spoke beautiful words that we will cherish forever.

roo's name, roo joe coulson, has significant meaning to both tim and i. roo's middle name, joe, is in remembrance and honour of one of tim's best friends, who left this life to the next a few years ago. timmy talks of joe with so much love. he was the happiest person that tim has known and his life is forever changed for good because he knew joe.

after church, our friends and family gathered at our house to celebrate our little roo and the special day that it was. we ate pulled pork and coleslaw. the thought of and even saying the words 'pulled pork' makes me feel sick. i think that four meals of pulled pork in a row is enough to last me for the next year.

thank you to our dear friend annette for taking these photos.

roo wore vans, chinos and a vintage jumper. what a hipster.


  1. Adorable! And what's the story behind Roo's first name? It's lovely. :)

    Loving your purpley hair too!! You guys look so sweet and happy. Congratulations.

  2. Love the purple in your hair Kesh. Looks like a happy day. The vintage jumper is gorgeous on Roo. Can't believe he owns Vans!

  3. So happy you had a lovely day. How special for you all. And you all look super stylin'. Roo in vintage and Vans and you with your awesome hair and smokin' outfit. Gorgeous picturs xx

  4. Beautiful.
    Such a special day for a special family x

  5. Stunning. And your new do looks rad Kesh! x

  6. What a special day Kesh. Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful little boy.

  7. Beautiful photos, what a wonderful occasion.

  8. You guys look great (as ususal!) Such a special day! Looks like you all enjoyed it.

  9. He's just beautiful! Congrats <3