Saturday, February 26, 2011

arty farty bom barty

today has been procrastination city. timmy is workin' for the man tonight and i decided that i would get started on my uni work. you see, on tues i go back to uni after a 4 month break. today is saturday and if i don't get started quick smart i'll be getting seriously flustered when reality hits. 10 weeks to create the best thing i have ever created. (timmy will say over the next couple of months... 'if you actually started and stopped talking about it you wouldn't get yourself all worked up' that is the truth. start, start, start prevents stress attacks, i need to learn this) i've always been a last minute-er i think the stress and tears and late nights have pulled out some of my best work, maybe not the best strategy. (i get this from my mum- she will not agree)
do you ever make amazing plans that you're really pumped about? do you ever make amazing plans and then they scare the crap out of you when you realise how... what's the word.... no that's not it.... good you are at not following through? think it's just me.
i have this awesome-on-paper goal that isn't just awesome on paper, i would really, really like to actually achieve this one. get a distinction (far out it would help if i could learn how to spell that first, seriously took me about 4 goes) in printmaking (my major at uni) this semester. whoa.
i am a little excited to get started on my last major work, but it also scares the pants off me. i loooooooove printmaking, it makes me feel great and happy and creative and awesome and makes my heart do funny things but to get it done i have to get in the zone. i've got six months, then i'll put my ink covered fingers away, get out of the studio and pull out the books.
time to get off the beach and get my nails broken and turps-y and do what i love. why is it hard to get started on doing something i love. crazy.

so for now, it's drawing time- step one of transforming a drawing of my house into a wall sized print mural... this will make sense to you later.

i saw this show last week, it got me excited.

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