Sunday, February 20, 2011

if i share with you my story...

this has been a strange week.
i'm listening to a great song right now (it will make you feel good and think about important things), timmy had to help me put the headphones on the right ears and the chord in the right hole. 
i have been thinking about important things this week. things like life and family. i've had people i love pass away and people i love announce they're having babies. my pa (dad's dad) has alzhiemer's disease, we live right near them and i visited nan and pa with my dad the other day, it's hard to see my dad stare into his dad's eyes and try to communicate. sometimes these things make me cry. this week has had a few tears from me. last night i cried for no particular reason, timmy will tickle me or sing a crazy made-up song and i feel better. 
i think the little things in life are meant to make you feel better, you have to hold onto things like crazy made-up songs, family, great music, iced ovaltine and a walk on the beach to help you feel OK. sometimes you need to just have a good cry. in the end you get by and have happy days with a sad one every now and then. and that's OK too.

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