Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Bike and a Beach

Last night was a stinker.

We woke up with the weather determined to burn our guts out by 9am. At 7.30am we took Troop to the beach. I rode my bike while the boys went in the car (Tim wanted to get some bike riding footage - this is dangerous to do while driving a car).

Watching Troop at the beach makes me happy. He went nutso running through the waves and got dunked probably six times. He and I loved every one of them. I think I might be one of those weird dog people. Soon, I will have cushions with his face crocheted on them (I'm not joking).

Timmy braved the cold water and rough waves while I played the role of a scared child pretending not to be bothered by the enormous waves saying casually to Tim that I just didn't "feel like going in". I'm not actually scared of the beach but I'm not keen to go swimming in massive waves.... honestly I am a little bit of wimp.

By the end of this year, I won't be.

The bike, a Christmas present from Timmy. An heirloom from his Pop. One of my favourite presents ever.

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