Thursday, February 10, 2011

For the Love of Baked Beans

Timmy did a very brave thing and exchanged money in a profession that brought zero of anything good besides paying the bills, for a return to studentdom (studying something he is completely talented in and absolutely is passionate about). What does this have to do with baked beans, you say? You may have gotten to the point without my assistance. 

The other day at Aldi, we found something truly amazing. They sell mince in bulk for half the price of what Coles sells it for. That's right, half. So, naturally we bought it and have been living of it for a week now. We are yet to get really creative but have managed a few delicious meals- spaghetti bolognese (vino, is the key), meat pie, hamburgers etc and so forth (I find that it is hard to break away from the classics when working with mince). 

Anyway, this morning I had baked beans. Our small amount of food storage does become quite convenient at times. Baked beans are a bit like mince, at their grass roots they come from something that can be pretty good for you then, the factory takes them and adds a whole lot of things that I try not to think about, then I buy them and try to make them into something with nutritional value that also tastes nice. Sometimes successful, sometimes not. 

Something I prepared earlier..... (Can you pick who took what photo?)


  1. Well as you are in 2 of the 3 photos is that a trick question?

  2. yeah was just saying how bad mine are next to tim's.