Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yellow Days

Tim makes the best eggs I’ve ever eaten. We like our eggs exactly the same way- easy over, nice and runny. It’s been a bit of a tradition of ours to have a cooked breakfast on Saturday mornings. We had a BBQ at our old house and Tim would work his magic on that for me, in this house we’re back to a fry pan. The eggs this week turned out awesome just as usual. So delicious. I really love having brekky together, morning is such a beautiful time of day. Sit me down with some delicious food and my favourite person in the world and I’m a happy girl.

Egg yoke has not been the only yellow in my life this week. Pieces of furniture in our house are in the process of being turned a very full on yellow. I had a burst of decorating energy and painted a mirror and a stool. The mirror needs toning down (I’m thinking potato stamping).

When I was a kid I painted my whole room yellow, I’m pretty sure I was the only person in my family who liked it. I’ve shied away from colour a bit lately. I think it’s time to embrace it again.

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