Sunday, March 27, 2011

back to the beach.

as the weather is getting that little bit cooler my ugg boots have been re-employed and are currently warming my feet quite nicely. 
with one of timmy's big jumpers and a warm puppy snuggling in, i think it's safe to say i am a very comfy happy girl.
our trips to the beach have become nice walks, holding hands and sitting on the sand reading to each other while troop sniffs the long grass and driftwood. 
i have my arms wide open to give this cool change a big hug. i do love the hot months but you might have to torture me to get me to decide which season is my favourite. 
right now, i'm looking forward to those days when you're on your way home and all you can think about is jumping into bed and pulling the covers up around your nose. we're not quite there yet and i'm sure ms. autumn has got a few summer days left in her yet.

yesterday, we went to the beach in coats. 

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