Saturday, March 26, 2011

lazy saturday.

today was a dvd day.
light showers on a lazy saturday.
snuggling with timmy and troop.
our little video shop does pretty well. the massive influx of tourists over the summer means the place is stocked with plenty of classics. we have a pretty long borrower record there.
 i love to just walk around the shelves and look at all the crazy movies that have been made and search for the right movies for us. it also has the best slurpie machine ever. red tongues and brain freezes all the way.
i highly recommend fern gully for anyone who missed out in 1991. best kids movie ever. makes me feel like i'm four again, curling up on the couch with mum and crying about trees being spray painted. still gets me.
tonight is, lars and the real girl...

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