Monday, April 18, 2011

fully sick.

life is better. now that, now that i found you life is.

the last week has been gross. it involved lots of nose blowing and coughing and spluttering and watching boring tv. a few things have been great. we got a new pup. another thing that has been great- spending hours chatting, watching movies and laughing on the lounge with timmy. there definitely have been times in my life when the thought of spending all day every day with anyone would send me running. it's different with the one you love. 

the pup (still nameless. thank you for your awesome suggestions, although you have only made the impossible task harder!) loves the beach. she suits this family of four just swell. 

we ventured to the beach this morning to escape the bug incubator that is our home. it was quite warm, we wore hoodies. i tried a bit of film photography. i'll show the photos once they are developed (this is providing 1. there was actually film in the camera 2. i can work out how to get it out)

we're feeling heaps better today, thank goodness. i'll be making the trek to uni tomorrow morning to try and catch up on the work i missed last week and hopefully some super creative juices will flow, maybe they have been just piling up over the last week and are waiting to burst out of my body and i will make the best thing ever. maybe. i hope. 

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