Thursday, July 14, 2011

it's a snippin'

the hair is gone.
gone, gone, gone.

warning. this is a boring post about hair. yep.

i'm fresh from seeing harry potter. it was actually great. being the harry potter megafan that i am- i am usually pretty critical of the movies, they never do the books justice. anyway this one was great and i've been eyeing off hermoine-in-real-life's new hair and wishing that one day i would just chop it all off. i have warned tim that one day i WILL shave my head....
not quite yet.

lately, my hair has been an noy ing. long and gross and tangly and just boring. after a week in w.a with lots of time to contemplate the important things in life ( like, for example is it possible for a girl to cut her hair and not regret it the second the snip sounds? and so on).

far out. you know how you grow your hair for about a million years and you can't wait til it's long and beautiful like a mermaid (have you seen that movie splash! with tom hanks and daryl hannah and daryl hannah is a mermaid and is nude but her hair is so long that you can't see her boobs? that has been my goal forever) and that takes a million years and then when it finally get to mermaid length you realise something that you've been in denial about for a million years- that your hair will never look like a mermaid no matter how long it is and actually the longer you grow it the grosser it looks? that thin and wispy hair does not cover boobs enough to be nude and modest.

yesterday i learnt to embrace the fact that i will never be ariel or daryl hannah but, i can attempt to channel alexa chung and keep my clothes on.

 i reckon timmy's sister karina has got some pretty magic fingers.
i feel liberated. free from the bonds of long hair- the curse of the top knot and it's associated hair headaches. good riddance. i am yet to regret the snipping.

by the way. western australia was awesome. 


  1. Gorgeous. As always. But seriously, love the new look.

  2. Keshla! I love love love this post! haha while reading it i went back to the good old days when you would talk about the "mermaid" hair!! ahhh... you are beautiful as always doll! miss you heaps! xoxo

  3. Must be something in the air - I cut off all my air last Saturday. I love yours and I love mine. x