Wednesday, July 20, 2011

walking in the rain

our little family of three (troop, timmy and i) like to walk.
 today we walked in the pouring rain to the beach where we watched enormous waves smash against the battered sand. troop bounded through the water while timmy and i huddled together and read the scriptures with huge ice cold rain drops running down our backs. we headed for home as quick as we could to the safety of our blue house.

these photos are from our walk around my mum and dad's house last week. their garden is awesome and beautiful and huge and one of my favourite places.


  1. tell me, how did you keep the good Book dry?

  2. ahh! the goodness of iphones, we have an app. no book needed and they fit oh so nicely into your pocket.

  3. Nice to 'meet' you Kesh. I did hear lots about you on the weekend! I can see why your parents house is one of your favourite places, it is just beautiful. Jade x

  4. Hello! I'm a newbie and been reading your blog from start to finish...loving it...but got to here and thought...what happened to little no name girl puppy dog? :(

  5. Hi I am a newbie too, and I too thought "what happened to little no name girl puppy dog"
    Love this blog. You and Timmy sound so sweet.