Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a christmas tree.

i looooove christmas.

timmy and i have pretty much had two christmases together already. the first was four days before we got married, timmy slept over at my mum and dads house so that we could spend christmas morning together then we travelled up the coast to spend the afternoon with timmy's family. last year we were living at mum and dads house so the day went a similar way to the year before. this year will be the same again. that's the way we like it.

this year is however, the first time we're not living with anyone else but us. we've had to get a tree and i'm pretty happy about it! we went to an awesomely kitsch christmas warehouse but didn't find a good tree that was less than one million dollars (steep i know!). luckily our good friends gave us a heads up about a tree that was being sold at aldi for $50. you might think that 50 big ones doesn't buy you anything good but i'm telling ya, this is the best tree ever! it has like five different types and lengths of foliage and the tree just folds up so it's super easy to set up and oh my goodness i could rave about this tree forever. it is the flippin best! 

so we put it up and trooper loves it.

i also am undergoing a project to make every single decoration that goes on our tree this year.

i think this might mean that our tree will be looking a bit bare until christmas day. so far i've made glittery gold baubles and the little birds in the photos. 


  1. I love Aldi!! tree looks brilliant...check out the doily.christmas decoration tutorial on my blog. easy but effective!

  2. I love your Christmas decorations they are so cute, PLUS how amazo is She&Him's christmas album. Good choice :)

  3. SPEWIN' I missed out on a Aldi Christmas tree :( And it looks amazing too!

  4. I love how much you love Christmas !

  5. aaah. this blog is cute. :) you guys are adorable. so followed forever.