Monday, November 28, 2011

14 weeks. on the beach, at night.

today timmy and i went to the gp for a check up and we got the loveliest surprise. 
we got to hear the heart beat. it went whoowhoowhoowhoo.
i get a feeling of relief every time there is real evidence of our baby being in there. it feels really good to know it's safe and growing.

sometimes i lay really still and try to focus on the spot in my belly where i think the baby is. last night timmy spoke real soft to my tummy and listened hard for a reply (in the form of a heart beat). we got to hear the reply today. 
we really love you so much already, baby.

last night we took our sunday photos on the beach. the beach is nice at night but i always get a bit scared that there will be rats. i don't even know if rats live on the beach.


  1. Gorgeous Kesh! Always so exciting (and reassuring) to hear the baby's heart beat xx

  2. oh my goodness Kesh, I can tell i will shed lots of happy tears when i read your posts.

    xo em

  3. Beautiful Kesh. Even though I can't beleve Tim captured a gunt hold (expression courtesy of Mrs Woog - you may need to search for it on Woogsworld!) x

  4. Hearing a babies heartbeat has to be one of the best sounds ever. Just so exciting!

  5. No rats, Kesh. Just you, your husband and your baby.

    ..oh, and the stars of course.