Friday, January 6, 2012

2nd anniversary dinner

we ate food. it was so yum. tim is oh yeah.

our anniversary is on the 29th of december. this makes going away a little hard. everything is expensive and booked out super early and extra busy and so forth. lucky we live in a place people go on holidays to.

we also live near a beautiful little town called berry that has an awesome restaurant called the hungry duck. we only go there for special occasions cause it doesn't fit in our 'frequent eats' price range (pies fit in this price range). 

we ate six courses. yes. six.

zucchini flowers
pork buns
spring rolls
pork cutlet
chilli chocolate tart

i went crazy and even had a cranberry and lime organic soft drink.

tim documented every dish on his iphone. we didn't look so strange standing over our dishes with our phones in hand when the girl sharing a table with us (jacinta stapleton of neighbours fame) started doing the same thing.


  1. The Hungry Duck is so delicious that I am craving one of their pork buns right now! Glad you had a chance to celebrate. x

  2. last one with out a bubby! WOOHOOOOOOOO!

    xo em

  3. sounds amazing, must make it over there someday...