Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day

a special valentine's post for you.

today started out like any other. except that timmy woke up late with me, that is not usual.

i loooove to lay in bed for at least twenty minutes after i wake up. timmy likes to get up and get to it the second his eyes open. lately i've been trying to encourage him to stay in bed with me and chat for a bit before the day starts. it is my favourite thing. at first he hated it, i could see his body itch with the need to get up and move, check emails, edit photos, get to the gym etc and so forth. slowly i think he is coming around. today i think he even enjoyed hanging out with me in our big bed with a tiny bit of sun sneaking through the curtains. the baby was putting on a show for him too, kicking so it's pops could feel about five times in a row. baby finished off with the biggest one that timmy has ever felt, a long slow, strong push right where timmy's hand was.

after a bowl of weetbix we went to the gym for my class. when i came out tim was nowhere to be found (he usually waits in the car for me while my class ends). i sat on the grass under a big tree and waited about ten minutes. tim came fanging around the roundabout and stopped right in front of me to pick me up. he told me about how he had visited every florist in town only to find yuck, over-priced flowers that he knew i wouldn't have wanted. instead he bought all the ingredients to make me an amazing brunch. woohoo! it was awesome.

the rest of the day was spent at the beach. timmy on his long board while i took photos and lathered up the 30+. after tim's surf we had a little swim - timmy was like a kid in those waves making me laugh my head off as he jumped and dived and body surfed his way back to me in the shallows. cupid got me right there.

a pretty damn good day.

looking at these photos - my belly (as well as a few other things) is HUGE! watch out.

also keep an eye out for my own version of this and this in the coming days.


  1. It sounds like the perfect day. You and your pregnant belly are looking so gorgeous! xo

  2. I love the way you write kesh, that sounds like the perfect day. my fave is the black and white one of you with your hand on your belly, just beautiful. and enjoy the big boobs - sadly they disappear with breastfeeding.. I miss my big pregnant boobs! ha x

  3. Beautiful Kesh. You look GORGEOUS! x

  4. BTW kesh, last night I passed a little award to you over at my place, seems to be tagging week! x