Monday, March 7, 2011

running with timmy

the artwork has begun.
the dog is asleep.
i ate nachos for breakfast.

timmy has this awesome goal. to go running every monday, wednesday and friday. that's great, running will be great... 

i hate running. hate is a harsh word but it is definitely applicable here. i can't breathe, my legs hurt, blah, blah, blah. timmy wants me to run with him. did i mention he wants to go running on the beach with a strong southerly? cause that's what we've been doing.
i've been trying to be a little bit adult about it, when he says happily "hey babycakes, you want to go for a run?!", i bite my tongue and say through slightly gritted teeth "sure." that's all i can get out without screaming "i hate running!" (i may have actually done this a few times).
anyway, i now hate mondays, wednesdays and fridays... and the beach.
just kidding.

when i got home from canada, i had zero money. i wanted to go to the gym, start running (on the road) to get in shape for ze wedding. so my dad bought me some joggers. i had no excuse, i had to run i had nice new joggers and shorts and a singlet and a sports bra. i run on the beach in my swimmers (my boobs don't enjoy this, neither does my pride) and no shoes, this is most practical as we jump in the water as soon as we're done. the swim at the end is great.

anyway, i am going to force myself to enjoy running. timmy said to me the other day.. "it would be really great if you could support me with running, i think it would be really good for us". damn.
anyway, it will be good to do this, maybe soon i'll be able to run to the end of the beach without believing that i will die if i take one more step. running is very good for you. running would be great for me. i was thinking the other day while running, that if a baddie was chasing me i would be a gone-er. baddie's can run fast, i can't. timmy doesn't need to run, he is fit and strong and muscly.

i have a lot of respect for you fit running people. the people who enjoy running. the people i see running the full length of the beach and back again without breaking a sweat. that will be me soon, watch out. i'll wear those serious running shorts and those orange wrap around sunglasses and a backpack that carries water with a tube in the corner of my mouth so i can drink without having to stop running cause i'll love running so much. i promise i will love running... soon.

yesterday we went for a walk on the beach. walking is romantic and enjoyable and a lot less lactic acidy. 

troop prefers running.


  1. I agree with you, I hate running. Mostly because I'm bad at it and can't run fast or far! But I always wish I was one of those who just ran up hills and back and long distances like its not even hard! Good luck with it!

  2. you caught the running hate from me. sorry.

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