Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bookin' In

 yesterday we went to the hospital.

because we moved at the beginning of the year to this little town we are lucky to have never had a reason to visit the local hospital. before yesterday that is. 

we drove around the little hospital trying to find a sign to the maternity ward (both timmy and i are used to big hospitals where you have to pay for parking and you need a map with a grid to work out where the ward you are looking for is located). 

our hospital isn't tiny but it is small enough that you walk through the main entrance to get to most of the wards. we also parked for free right in front of the entrance, yes siree.

walking into the maternity ward was a strange feeling for me. i have been inside a lot of maternity wards in different hospitals. between timmy and i we have 21 nieces and nephews so maternity wards aren't that foreign to us. 

going to a maternity ward for an appointment for us, is veeerrry different. walking into the space where i will most likely (provided we don't have some crazy fast delivery in the bathroom) deliver the baby that lives in my belly was strange. it was a mix of feelings- really exciting and a little scary and a bit emotional.

i peeked in a few of the open doors to see new mum's cuddling their little ones, heard the distinct 'newborn cry' of fresh bubbas, sat next to mums with bellies much more swollen than mine and thought about the unbelievable miracle that this whole process is. that you go from being just one person to carrying something so small inside you that you don't even believe it's there, to a big mumma belly cradling her tummy, to having a baby wriggling in your arms.



  1. kesh, I am soo happy for the both of you. You are about to go forth with the most in.mportany journey any couple can ever go through. You will be such a wonderful mother, and tim,I do not know you, but I am sure if Kesh chose you to be her husband and the father of her children, will be nothing short of aspectacular father. The best to you both and your little peanut. I wish you all of the love in the world. Please take care.

  2. you look so excited in that top pic Kesh. Butterflies and a baby in the belly x

  3. so so true kesh - unbelievable miracle. hubby and I have done it three times over and it's the same every time. congratulations and enjoy!