Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Sunday

today we went to church.

yesterday we went to up to sydney for timmy to take photos of a beautiful family. while he was working i walked to the nearby place called newtown.

when i was a teenager i thought newtown was the coolest place ever and would catch the train to get an istanbul on king kebab and shop at dangerfield and quick brown fox. newtown has great places to eat, shops to buy clothes that noone else has, heaps of op shops, poster shops etc and so forth. the people who live and visit newtown are very diverse so there is always plenty of people watching to do. 

i still think newtown is great to visit and yesterday it didn't hold out on me. i found the sandals i have been pining for for months and also a dress that will fit my baby underneath it for the next 6 months.

on the way home from church today timmy and i stopped so he could take some photos. the new dress is representin'.

see more about today on timmy's blog  here.


  1. Oh Kesh! I have serious, serious dress envy...the most stunning shade of blue.

    Looks fab on you xx

  2. Kesh & Tim you guys are the funkiest mama and papa to be!!!! wowwzzzeeeeerrrrsssss love your style!!!!

  3. i think there's a baby boy in your belly kesh x

  4. that is so funny, there is a 'newtown' in my hometown which is exactly as you describe. my cousins both flat there in different flats and one sunday i visited them both and took a photo on my walk between their flats of a tree with mugs tied in it that had breadcrumbs for birds to eat.

    ie, newtowns are cool places. wherever in the world they may be. x

  5. Fabulous dress! You look GREAT!