Saturday, January 21, 2012

waiting for timmy

this is me. right now. at the computer. tired and bored.

the last two weeks have been filled with days waiting for timmy to come home.

normally, i would be bored and miss timmy when he is not around but, i blame pregnancy on being a straight out sook lately. i mope around all day feeling sorry for myself, even crying every now and then. yep, i laugh at myself while i mope because i am so aware of how extreme i am being. but, i do love the guy. a lot.

a have a good friend whose husband is a paramedic and often has to work the night shift. she gave me some awesome words of wisdom via instagram last night. she said "the best thing about husbands needing to be away for the night to bring in the bacon is that feeling you get when you see them again. it's like falling in love all over again! i live for it. that and having a chance to make a mess without getting into trouble :)"

less than four hours to go.


  1. Truth.
    You are so beautiful girl!

  2. Char is quite true - wise words, but even with you claiming to be a sook, you are still a hottie!! xx

  3. well mopey and sookie obviously work wonders for you (gorgeous pic).

  4. Sorry Kesh! :)

    Wish you could have been here today, we would have loved to have met you! Next time!

    Enjoy your fancy pants hotel tonight! :)

  5. looking gorgeous while you wait! hope you have a lovely reunion :)

  6. As someone with a husband who's away a lot, i've just learned to take advantage of it. Now when he goes away i make messes in the kitchen and take up the whole bed, it's good times :)