Wednesday, January 25, 2012

22 weeks on a hill

timmy loves the movie 'the notebook'. it's on tv right now.

sometimes, (a lot) i wish we lived in the 50's. my lipstick would be at home there. the clothes of that era are completely my favourite.

the other day i was asked who i would cast to play tim in a movie. i said ryan gosling. 

this week i've been watching my belly move with the jabs of the baby. crazy. timmy hasn't felt the baby properly move yet - it all about the timing. baby moves, tim puts his hand on the tummy, baby stops moving.

wearing american apparel stripe A line maxi dress in natural black marceau stripe and floral chiffon oversized button up in light floral.


  1. so gorgeous! 50's style is my favourite too. have you read minxy vintage by kelly doust? it's such a great book filled with vintage style and ideas.

  2. Ryan Gosling would do the trick!

    Looking great Kesh. x