Wednesday, February 1, 2012

23 weeks on our beach

this week has been biiiiizzzzeeeeee.

we have had a little friend over to stay. she makes life a little bit what i think it will be like when this baby comes to say hello. full of gushing and smiles and cuddles and less sleep and cleaning and feeding. i can't believe it will be four months and we'll have our own little squirmy baby to cuddle and look after.

this morning i was woken up by its kicks. that was a first. i liked it. i also have been having a few braxton hicks contractions - what a strange feeling! they don't hurt me at all which is nice, they just feel bizarre. my belly goes tight and hard as a rock. it almost feels like i have stomach muscles again.

this morning timmy dyed my hair for me. then he folded the washing. then he cleaned the kitchen and made me lunch. yep.

by the way. 
my life is now ruled by milo. cold, with at least 3 overflowing heaped tablespoons. indeed.

wearing american apparel sheer rib long dress in black


  1. 3 heaped teaspoons? AMATEUR! Talk to me when you start to have 5. That's how we roll round these parts...

  2. these are my favorite shots yet, so dreamy and lovely!

  3. Milo was my friend when i was pregnant, the midwife gave it two thumbs up - lots of good stuff in it. :)

  4. how fantastically beautiful! I'm new to your blog and have fallen in love. congratulations on your soon to be baby. I can't wait to make your blog a daily read.

    -tia @two birds on a wire.

  5. Im not sure if i have ever commented on your blog before, but can I just say, what amazing eyebrows you have! ..too random? xx

  6. You are looking gorgeous. I can not tell you how much Milo I consumed with both my pregnancies!! It is THE BEST.

  7. beautiful kesh, so so beautiful, especially the close up of you. and if I haven't told you already, you have *the* most perfect eyebrows EVER! x

  8. Holy smokes girl. You look sooooo beautiful. Love that blossoming baby. You look totes amaze. Love. Love. Love.