Tuesday, February 21, 2012

26 weeks on labour and birth with a videoooo

we've been studying up on child birth over the last couple of days. trying to educate ourselves as best we can so that we can be prepared for the incredible, beautiful experience of labour and birth.

i really am so excited for the birthing process. it is something that scared me before i was pregnant. i used to get grossed out by pictures and footage of women giving birth. now that it is a reality for me my thoughts have taken a complete turn. giving birth has to be one of the most beautiful experiences available to women. what an incredible privilege. trusting in these amazing bodies to do what they are designed to do. to see and feel my body change in the months leading to birth blows my mind.

i can't wait for those feelings of elation. feelings of my body moving and changing to allow for this child to be born into the world. i can't wait for the feelings of accomplishment for the best day/s work in my life. i can't wait to connect with timmy in a way we never have before in this completely new experience together. i know i'll need his strength to get me through, to keep me calm and focussed and to help me remember that my body was designed for this, that i have the strength and ability. i know that he'll be everything i need him to be.

the reward at the end, no matter the process, is one that will be worth any experience encountered during birth. 

most of all this little baby is the thing i can't wait for the most.

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  1. i like how you questioned your dog in regards to the baby. maybe he's right?

    lovely photos (love the processing on both the photos & the video).

  2. lovely...although I couldn't watch the video as we just lost our dog a few days ago.

    Enjoy this quiet time the most, get plenty of sleep ;)

  3. Lovely photos Kesh! with an outlook like that and a strong and supportive hubby by your side I believe that you will have the ability to have the birth you want. That moment that you hold the bubs you will want to do it all over again (down the track) haha

  4. Daisy-Blossom sits in my lap as I watch your videos. She sucks her thumb just mesmerised. When it finishes she points and says..'more more peas' (please)

  5. I love the anticipation of first time parents. All the unknowns. And the excitement.

  6. Loving the regular videos...you guys live in a spectacularly beautiful part of this world.

  7. a lot of people think that making a baby is a pretty intimate experience, but for me giving birth, with David was just as intimate. it's such an amazing experience and one i will never regret as it brought us much closer together and each and everyone one of my three births was amazing!

  8. loving your photos + video updates. just lovely.

  9. you're so beautiful. you look like kate winslet, but sometimes you look like regina spektor.

    this is the most beautiful blog i met this year.

    thanks for the beautiful pics.
    cant wait to see your baby

  10. Dang girl... this week, somehow more than any other so far has made me want to have another baby. It's such a cool thing and you two look chilled as ever, just taking it in your stride.

  11. ina may gaskin talks about how an unmedicated mother giving birth has a mystical glow to her. and for your husband to be able to see and capture that will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for him as well! it is truly amazing what your body can do...having a home birth was the most amazing experience of my life and like you, i felt that joy and passion for the whole process. its so wonderful to see other women embracing something so many see as fearful!