Monday, February 20, 2012

on a blog that is not mine or timmy's

let me tell you about one amanda jane jones. she is one ridiculously talented, creative lady, graphic designer and letterpress artist and her stuff blows my mind. her mag kinfolk, is probably the best magazine in the whole world. we have one coming in the mail, woohoo!

on her blog she has a column called My Better Half where she introduces artists and bloggers. timmy and i were chosen as the couple for this week and we are pretty chuffed about it! check ch che check it out.

and also, don't forget to vote in the baby poll in the sidebar to your right. we need some more boy votes!

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  1. Beautiful photos and such wonderful words! I don't even know you and it brings a tear to my eye. True love! xx Ps. Kesh, you look amazing!