Wednesday, April 18, 2012

33 weeks with rain on a tin roof

the day has been filled with sound.

this morning was sound of the youtube kind. first stop - flight of the concords, followed by "the voice" performances, which brought us to the doobie brothers. that's my kinda morning.

the rain is falling now, just how we like it. lots and soft. we have a tin roof and the sound is so beautiful.

today i am grateful for sound. soon we will hear our little ones first noises and it will hear the rain on the tin roof, troopers yawns and timmy playing the piano.

we attended the incredible calmbirth classes over the weekend (i'll post all about it during the week) and there we were encouraged to talk to our baby. tell it all about how excited we are to meet it, what a beautiful world we live in and how much we love it already. we have been talking to our baby the whole pregnancy but i think in these last few weeks we will be more aware of what we say and speak more often. i want this baby to know who it's mum and dad are - to recognise the sound of our voices and look up at us with big eyes that say "hey, i know you".

i can't tell you how excited i am to have our baby placed on my chest. to see timmy's eyes well up full of love. to be our family complete - for now.

wearing american apparel cotton spandex jersey long sleeve turtle neck maxi dress in imperial purple and mesh suede flats in nude 


  1. You don't need to say a word. I so know how excited you are - it will be the BEST feeling you EVER have, without a doubt. Much love to you. xx Tam

  2. just love the colours in these pictures.. the purple, the light.. you're looking lovely as always, and it's been interesting for me to read how prepared and mindful you both are of what you will be doing soon - welcoming a new one. it could not be any better. x

  3. Have I told you the story about Che's first few moments? He was screaming and my voice was trembly and hi. Daniel came up next to Che's face and said: "hey mate." Che stopped crying, stared straight into Daniels eyes and knew - "that's my dad."

    Instant recognition x

  4. So so so Very excited for you xx

  5. you look SO stunning in this dress! really.
    i like to talk to my babies (a LOT) during the labour and birth...encourage them along the way. it's a pretty intense journey for them.
    it's kind of dorky to watch on film later but it seems so natural at the time.
    i love your attitude, maintain it at all costs.

  6. what beautiful lighting! sounds like you're going to be such a great mom :)

  7. I was also terribly excited when I was pregnant with my four children, I couldn't wait to meet them and see exactly who they looked like. I would often dream about them but would always wake up just before moving the blankets to see their faces, isn't that the way? ha! I had four caesareans with them so didn't get that bonding time, just a quick glimpse of their faces and the first sound of them crying. But I could recognise them crying when left in the nursery with other babies.

    Not long now, how exciting!